Founded in 1994, SCEP, Inc. has served Southern California businesses, providing professional, high quality printed and promotional products and unparalleled service. Many of our clients from those early days are still with us – a choice they have made due to their confidence in our commitment to the success of their projects, their goals and their bottom line.

We excel at product development and have created unique packaging products, exciting marketing pieces and exquisite books and presentation products. Let us help you in your next project, our goal is to provide excellent products and services that take the headache out of the process and make your company shine.

We are taking the same principles that have made SCEP Inc. successful and we are leveraging our expertise to provide digital marketing and web design solutions.

The web design division is being directed by Tobias Schopf who joined SCEP Inc. His 12 years of experience in marketing and web design makes him a seamlessly perfect fit. At SCEP Inc., we recognize that for many businesses, web design is an important component that provides unique opportunities and benefits. SCEP understands that your needs are important… and we’re here to help you make the right marketing decisions for your business.

We enhance your company’s image!